Kira Bunse - Przystanek Woodstock

8 July – 26 August 2017
Opening: Saturday, 8 July, 6 – 9 pm
ITALIC, Leipziger Str. 61, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Kira Bunse mainly works as a photographer in the field of fashion, primarily with young models. Her own artistic work is also regularly devoted to the attitude towards life shown by adolescents and youths. She often addresses aspects of youthful physicality and sexuality. Generation-specific musical influences also play an important role as a mode of expression and as a catalyst.

With the exhibition Przystanek Woodstock at ITALIC, Bunse shows selected works from a series that was created in Summer 2013 at the free rock and independent music festival of the same name in the Polish town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą. The analogue black-and-white photographs, consistently printed in the same portrait or landscape format, appear as snapshots of the seemingly carefree activities of the young festival attendees. Alternating between documentary observation and a conscious aestheticization of the subjects, the images point to the special relationship between the photographer and the protagonists she has discovered on location. Supported by the social dynamics of the music festival, Bunse succeeds in capturing very special, intimate moments in this liberated atmosphere. In the tradition of Diane Arbus or Nan Goldin, her images of the young people at the festival can also be seen as social portraits, in which those who are generally not perceived as such become the main actors.

Text: Philipp Fürnkäs

Kira Bunse (b. 1978, Braunschweig) lives and works in Paris.